for Coaching Students

Get all of the coaching goodness you need, while being mindful of the expenses associated with your training.! Join me in this container of possibility and figure out what you truly want and how to get it. Ready to exceed your expectations of yourself and have fun in the process? Let's get started! 

Are you currently in the process of getting a coaching certification, and need your own coach to work with you as you train? This package, consisting of 2 50-minute sessions per month for six months, is for you!

$177/month or $977 paid in advance

Coaching Student Special Package!

I'm here to help you build your dream--whatever that looks like. You are passionate about moving into your potential, and I am fully invested in making sure you do. I'm not peddling blocks of time--I'm dedicated to making sure you achieve the results you desire, doing what lights you up. 

Unlike many "coaches", you won't find me giving you shallow, quick fixes, one-size-fits-all formulas, or get rich quick schemes. My coaching is evidence-based, grounded in the knowledge that comes from years of actual experience, evocative, and custom constructed around your needs.

Together, we eviscerate the thought pirates that steal your motivation and creativity, unpack your vision until you have complete clarity and confidence, and create a targeted, growth-oriented, sustainable plan. I hold you accountable and make sure you remain flexible and open to possibility so you can stay true to your purpose.  You become the very best version of yourself.

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